Bakers Fly In and Policy Summit

Representatives from all segments of the baking industry, including RBA, ABA and ASB members, gathered in Washington, DC, Novemeber 13-14, 2023 to voice our shared concerns with lawmakers. In total, summit participants had over 30 small group meetings on Capitol Hill and helped educate key lawmakers and their staff on our policy priorities. 

In these Capital Hill meetings, we focused on three priorities: 

Creation of a Congressional Baking Caucus

Bakers' Ask: Help create and join a new bipartisan Congressional Baking Caucus

There are many champions of the baking industry in Congress, we are looking to create a new Congressional Caucus focused on the baking sector to serve as a resource in educating Members and staff on the baking industry, the issues it faces, and to raise awareness of the important role it plays in feeding and employing America.

Participate in meetings with regulatory officials, panels of business association experts, and keynote addresses from policymakers to learn about the central issues affecting the baking industry, and how your voice can make an impact.

Workforce and Economic Security

Bakers' Ask: Voice opposition to the proposed Labor Department regulations

The baking industry continues to face workforce challenges, so it is more important than ever that we limit new regulatory burdens impacting American businesses. Red tape hinders the industry's ability to create well-paying jobs, grow the economy, and manufacture delicious and nutritious baked goods for our communities. We have concerns with a number of proposals from the current Labor Department that could negatively impact the baking industry.

Support Permanent Full Expensing

Bakers' Ask: Cosponsor the Accelerate Long-Term Investment Growth Now (ALIGN) Act H.R. 2406/S. 1117

Since 2017, the tax code has allowed bakers and industry suppliers to utilize full and immediate expensing. The law allows the baking industry to deduct the cost of purchased capital equipment in the year they purchase it instead of being depreciated under confusing IRS rules. If Congress does not act, full expensing will be phased out until its elimination in 2027. Support permanent 100% accelerated depreciation to encourage bakers to remain competitive, invest in new technologies and equipment, and create more American jobs.

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