Thank you to all who participated in the

RBA Roadshow in Ohio!

Thank you to our hosts...

Midwest Culinary Institute
Greater Cincinnati RBA

Thank you to our Bakery Tours...

  • Holtman's- 1332 Vine St., Cincinnati

  • Graeter's- 2145 Reading Road, Cincinnati

  • Servatii's- 311 Northland Blvd, Cincinnati

  • Regina Bakery- 3805 Shady Lane, North Bend

Thank you to our Hands-On Instructors...

Bronwen Weber
Chef Glenda Stanton
Chef Mark Seaman

Thank you to our afternoon education program instructors...
Frederic Baudry

Dan & Brian Busken, Busken's Bakery

Audrey Fernandes, Dawn Food Products

Mitch Riavez, Stratus Foods
Hallie Borelliss & William Wyler, Esq.
Beth Fahey, Creative Cakes Bakery & Café
Renee Rouwhorst, Ryke’s Bakery & Café
Moe Thie

Mike Hembert
Chef Glenda Stanton, Midwest Culinary Institute
Teri Scheff
Bronwen Weber


Take a Look at the fun

we had in Ohio.