Take a Look at the fun

we had in Ohio.

Thank you to all who participated in the

RBA Roadshow in Ohio!

Thank you to our hosts...

Midwest Culinary Institute
Greater Cincinnati RBA

Thank you to our Bakery Tours...

  • Holtman's- 1332 Vine St., Cincinnati

  • Graeter's- 2145 Reading Road, Cincinnati

  • Servatii's- 311 Northland Blvd, Cincinnati

  • Regina Bakery- 3805 Shady Lane, North Bend

Thank you to our Hands-On Instructors...

Bronwen Weber
Chef Glenda Stanton
Chef Mark Seaman

Thank you to our afternoon education program instructors...
Frederic Baudry

Dan & Brian Busken, Busken's Bakery

Audrey Fernandes, Dawn Food Products

Mitch Riavez, Stratus Foods
Hallie Borelliss & William Wyler, Esq.
Beth Fahey, Creative Cakes Bakery & Café
Renee Rouwhorst, Ryke’s Bakery & Café
Moe Thie

Mike Hembert
Chef Glenda Stanton, Midwest Culinary Institute
Teri Scheff
Bronwen Weber