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Celebrate the Sweet Tradition of Local Bakeries!

The Retail Bakers of America invite you to celebrate the delicious success of your independent bakery with a sweet new “holiday” that you can easily bring to life through live events, fresh treats and the signature tastes that make your local bakery a vital part of your community.  

​By joining Retail Bakers of America in a Retail Level 1, 2 or 3 membership category,  your bakery will receive a free marketing kit for National Bakery Day. The kit will be sent to your bakery and will include National Bakery Day marketing materials for you to use as well as a how to guide.

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The Retail Bakers of America (RBA) is dedicated to helping bakeries flourish. We cater to retail bakeries, allied suppliers, educators, students and other industry partners, and are committed to the success of the baking industry.Our mission is to help bakeries flourish particularly during times of growth, change and opportunity by providing the programs, support services, networking opportunities and strategies to help retail bakeries succeed.

Inside the National Bakery Day Shop, you’ll find kits to help you decorate your retail space and free printables to customize to fit your bakery needs.


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