The Business of Baking for Beginners, better known as “BOB,” will be held Saturday, Sept. 17th in conjunction with IBIE 2022. The all-day program is designed for business owners and operators with less than 10 years of experience in the baking industry. The focus will be dedicated to Retail and Wholesale shops who are looking to learn everything from planning and operations, to marketing and growth strategies. BOB is brought to you by The RPIA Group® and the Retail Bakers of America (RBA).

BOB is a day of intense learning with a wealth of information and resources. There will be a full line-up of topics lead by Rick Crawford (RPIA), Randy McArthor (Dawn Foods), and many more amazing speakers with 90+ years of experience between them. The most valuable benefit to BOB will be the networking between speakers and attendees. Learning from others who are at the same level of business with a passion for business and baking.

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"Baked Goods" is a tasty new partnership! We are excited to partner with Cyd Mitchell from Sugar Coin Academy for an all new "Baked Goods", business blog and online video series. Get the Goods today on better ways to do your bakery business.  

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