May 2018
CIA - Hyde Park, NY 

Craftsy Cake Decorating Class


16th Annual Pillsbury Baker’s Plus Grand Champion Creative Decorating Competition

Creativity will take the stage at the The Americas Cake Fair in Orlando in October 2017.  Five of the country's top professional teams made up of amazing cake decorators will challenge each other in a contest of imagination, artistry and skill over a two-day period during one of baking’s most prestigious competitions.

​National Creative Decorating Competition - ORLANDO, FLORIDA

​National Bakery Day  |  September 28th

Celebrate the Sweet Tradition of America’s Local Bakeries!

The Retail Bakers of America invite you to celebrate the delicious success of your independent bakery with a sweet new “holiday” that you can easily bring to life through live events, fresh treats and the signature tastes that make your local bakery a vital part of your community.

Is your bakery ready for National Bakery Day?


Inside, you’ll find kits to decorate your retail space for the occasion, t-shirts to dress for success for the event, and free printables to customize to fit your needs.  MEMBERS - check RBA Connect for your special discount code! 

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Current RBA members have access to RBA Connect.  A virtual place where you can collaborate and network with other professionals in the baking industry.  This wealth of knowledge is just waiting for your contributions and discussions.

An RBA Certification raises professional standards and verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities professional bakers bring to the marketplace.  Certification also increases job opportunities and income for certified bakers and decorators. 

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