We are a baker’s business partner connecting buyers and sellers to build profitable bakeries. Together with our members, we create industry-specific training programs and develop small business programs.

We foster the community of retail bakeries providing a forum for the exchange of industry and business information as well as networking, learning opportunities, and mentoring among bakers, future and existing.

Help your bakery rise to the top with this comprehensive guide to creating a profitable store.

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Capitalizing on nearly 200 years of industry knowledge, the RBA and Sosland Publishing Company have joined forces to create the ultimate business information package for baking professionals.This media package provides advertisers with a broad reach of bakers who identify closely with their industry association. The RBA website and Bakery Insider e-newsletter successfully engage an active audience throughout the entire baking industry from artisans to specialty wholesale and bakery cafe operators. Get the results you need from your advertising in a timely, highly visible, and cost-effective way with the Retail Bakers of America media products.


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​Ad Retargeting uses simple Javascript code to identify visitors of RetailBakersofAmeica.org and reach them with ads wherever they go online. By showing relevant, targeted ads to past RetailBakersofAmerica.org visitors, you increase brand awareness and drive online engagement with your ideal customer. 

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Advertise with Retail Bakers of America.  Advertising opportunities are available on both the RBA website and in RBA’s weekly e-newsletter Bakery Insider.