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What should I share on my cake business blog?

By Business of Baking Blog posted 01-25-2024 12:00:00 AM


Having a blog on your business website can be overwhelming, but this post will provide content categories that you can include to keep your customers informed and engaged. Learn how to easily share relevant content on your baking business blog!

You heard somewhere that blogging isn’t dead, and that you should have a blog on your business website! BUT…what should you share? It’s hard enough coming up with content for all of the social media platforms, but adding a blog can feel like just another thing on your growing marketing to do list.

If you take the approach of communicating in a way that keeps your community informed, then coming up with content to share on not only your blog but also your social media can become second nature. Reflect on details that will keep your customers in the know and your blog posts will practically write themselves. In this post, you will discover content categories that you can easily include on your baking business blog to support your customers’ needs.

What to share on your cake business blog:

  1. Special Announcements
  2. Related Updates & News
  3. Basic Tutorials & Demos
  4. Customer Shoutouts & Testimonials
  5. Additional Tips & Inspiration

Special Announcements

What’s going on in your cake business? This can include the release of new menu items, new merchandise or upcoming promos that your customers should look out for. These types of posts  will help trigger product interests and excitement (aka buzz). Also, don’t forget to include an email newsletter to increase the reach of your announcement and improve traffic to your site.

Related Updates & News

What’s happening in your industry and your community? This type of content may not be about your business specifically. However, it may still be of interest to your audience and customer base. Is there a new bridal show coming to town? Is it Girl Scout cookie season? Will Santa be present at a local festival? Share this type of information on your blog to provide more content of value with your audience.

Basic Tutorials & Demos

Consider some of your most frequently asked questions, and share a blog post that provides a detailed response. Using videos or pictures, you can show how to safely freeze the top tier of a wedding cake. You could also share a cutting guide with tips for getting the most slices out of their cake. Then, when a customer or potential customer has a question which has already been addressed on your blog, you can direct them to the right place and reduce your communication time.

Customer Shoutouts & Testimonials

This is a creative way to showcase your work without being salesy. It’s also a great way to get the community involved and reach a broader audience. Think about it. If you share the love story of a couple whose wedding cake you created and tell them that they’ve been featured on your blog, they will likely share your post with their friends and followers. Then, once you become their “go to baker”, you can share updated stories as you create more cakes to celebrate that couple’s significant milestones (i.e. anniversaries, baby showers, etc.).

Additional Tips & Inspiration

Your community of followers need party ideas! Otherwise, they wouldn’t spend so much time on Pinterest creating inspiration boards. Therefore, your blog is a great place to share practical tips related to party and wedding planning. Create specific blog posts designated to sharing ideas for birthday parties, bridal showers and other significant life events. This can include themes, party decor ideas and more.


If you’ve been struggling to come up with ideas of what to share on your cake business blog, these content categories should help get you started. Each category has its own unique method of shining a light on your business and showcasing what you have to offer to your current and potential customers.

Cyd N. Mitchell
Business Blogger, Retail Bakers of America

Cydni N. Mitchell (aka Cyd) is a Bakery Consultant and the Sweet Business Coach behind Sweet Fest®. Based in Atlanta, GA, Sweet Fest® is an online company that supports the business needs of the Sweet Community in the areas of professional development, marketing, branding and web design.

By trade, Cyd is an accountant & financial analyst with a Masters from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the Founder of the Sugar Coin Academy, an online business academy for business owners in the baking and sweets industry, and she is also the organizer of The Ultimate Sugar Show, Georgia’s Largest Annual Baking and Sweets Expo in Atlanta. She is also the Business Blogger for the Retail Bakers of America.