Baking Artisan Bread

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Chef Ciril Hitz

Baguette dough yields a bouquet of breadsticks, buttery brioche becomes an elegant fruit Danish, and so on - you can create more than 30 mouthwatering breads from just 10 recipes!

Baking Artisan Bread provides a simplified, formula-based approach to baking bread at home, making the mixing, the rising, and the baking itself more approachable and less intimidating. With step-by-step full-color process shots and clear directions, chef Ciril Hitz will show you how with just 10 formulas you can create more than 30 different breads - how's that for streamlined?

•Ten basic bread formulas share professional-grade tips for home bakers of all experience levels.
• Each formula is distilled into 10 steps, illuminating all stages of preparation and baking with flour-dusted, step-by-step photography.
• With simple ingredients and most of the equipment needed already in the kitchen, you'll be baking in no time!

An instructional DVD is included in the book. Each copy ordered is autographed.

"Ciril Hitz and his book Baking Artisan Bread are the real thing. His recipes are clear, articulate, complete, and easy to follow, and the excellent photos guide you through every step of each process. Ciril gives you everything you need to know to produce his signature breads, which are as delicious as they are beautiful."
- NIck Malgieri, Author of How to Bake and The Modern Baker


"Ciril Hitz is a master craftsman and a true artisan. He is also, as thousands of his students and colleagues (like me) know, an amazing teacher. In Baking Artisan Bread, he reveals one of the great secrets of professional bakers: If you know how to make these ten archetypal breads, you can extend them into hundreds of variations. Ciril teaches you how."
- Peter Reinhart, Author of Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor


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