Hilton Rosemont/ Chicago O’Hare, 5550 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018
Hotel Rate $ 169 per night  |  Parking $ 20.00
For hotel reservations, please contact

Chanelle Cataldo at 

Saturday night means a separate reservation.


  • RBA Roadshow & Celebration Dinner - $170 per person
  • RPIA Celebration Dinner & Bus Tours - $449 per person
  • ALL IN - RBA Roadshow, Celebration Dinner & RPIA Bus Tours - $525 per person
  • Wednesday Wisconsin Bus Tour - $119 per person

RBA ROADSHOW – Business Intensive
Sunday – April 15th  |  8:00am – 3:30pm 

8:30am               Session 1 – Time Management for Bakery Managers - Renee Crews
8:30am               Session 2 – Right Person, Right Seat, Speaker Beth Fahey

9:45am               Session 1 – Generations in the Workplace, Speaker Renee Crews
9:45am               Session 2 – Social Media Market Success, Speaker Bernadette Haas

11:00am             Session 1 – Millennial Brides: Where's the Cake?   Panel discussion lead by Lynn Schurman
11:00am             Session 2 – "Death by Meeting" No More - Beth Fahey


2:00pm               Afternoon Session 1 – Customer Service Excellence with a Constantly Changing Workforce- Renee Crews
2:00pm               Afternoon Session 2 – New Models of Business: Pop Ups, Online Sales and Amazon Delivers  

Sunday – April 15th  |  6:00pm – 9:45pm
Room:  Yeager, Davis & Wright (Cash Bar)

6:00pm               WELCOME with Reggie McGuire & Randy McArthur
6:15pm               DINNER
7:00pm               Retail Bakers of America – 100th Celebration Presentation
7:30pm               Show & Tell

Monday – April 16th
8:00am – 11:20am - EDUCATION  |  11:30am to 7:30pm – BUS TOURS  |  Room:  Salon I

8:00am              Welcome and Housekeeping
8:20am              Equipment Services RPIA – Randall McArthur
9:00am              What you should know about Credit Cards that NOBODY is telling you!   Speaker - Reggie McGuire
Helping businesses understand the truth about accepting credit cards. Learn all the insider secrets that keep you from securing the best merchant account for your business.  This workshop uncovers the different types of payment processors, 15 common misconceptions about credit card processing, and over 25 questions business owners can ask a payment processor to determine if they are a getting the best solution for their business.  Putting this knowledge into place has saved some bakeries over $25,000 a year!  Being in the know can save you some dough!
9:45am               Break

10:00am             Group Discussion:  Topics to be announced
11:00am             Bus Tours Instructions
11:30am             Bakery Tours

Lovin Oven – Antioch, IL
O&H Bakery – Racine, WS
Colectivo/Troubadour Bakery – Milwaukee
Simmas Bakery – Milwaukee
Polonez Restaurant (Included) – A Family owned and operated Polish Restaurant.

Tuesday – April 17th
8:00am – 11:20am - EDUCATION  |  11:30am to 7:30pm – BUS TOURS  |  Room:  Salon I

8:00am               Daily Review
8:10am               Whalen and your Printed Boxes and Boards – Rick Crawford
8:30am               Kraft Foods Program - Michelle J. Sheridan, Deli-Business Development Manager
9:00am               On-Line Ordering - Shopping Carts to Web Hosting to Data Automation.  Speaker Patrick Coffin, CEO Island Technologies
Island Technologies is a creative and dynamic technology consultancy serving all levels of clients.  Island provides customized web and database applications, IT management, CIO services, planning and asset management, business process analysis and communications, contract negotiations, and break/fix tech support.  They excel in translating business needs into technical solutions by routinely meeting with companies to assess their current business processes, identify the best technologies to meet their needs, and implement a solution from initial requirements documentation through staff training.
9:45am               Break
10:00am             Group Discussion:  Topics to be announced
11:00am             Bus Tours Instructions
11:30am             Bakery Tours

Jarosch Bakery
Chicago Sweet Connections
Vanille Patisserie
Dinkle’s Bakery
Bennision’s Bakery
Tag’s Bakery

Portillo's Restaurant - (On your own)

Wednesday – April 18th
6:30am – 7:30pm – BUS TOURS

Wisconsin – must have 35 people to run the bus.

Leave Hotel:  6:30 am – Breakfast on the Bus – Get your Coffee from Starbucks.

Tamara’s The Cake Guru
When your web address is, slogan is “A Fusion of Art & Flavor”  and your tag line is “Piping Haute Cakes” you are saying something to the world.  When you expand like your hair is on fire; you must be backing up your “Edge”. And we get to see where it all began on this tour stop.  What fun.

Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe–
The group will visit 2 stores – their new store and their production facility.  So many things to love.  Mike and Mary always have fresh ideas about bakery, people and fun.  Their uniforms are a Hawaiian Shirt! Box lunches will be provided.

Manderfield's Home Bakery –
The bus will visit two of the three stores.  Manderfield's – cake productions, yes production!  See how they crank out stones of cakes quickly and beautiful.  Pay close attention to how they move product between their 3 stores.  This bakery was built for Cake!

Mars Cheese Castle -
Featured on Zagat's Top Spots in Wisconsin, Mars Cheese Castle will be a fun place for a rest before heading back to the hotel.

Back to Chicago by 7:30pm – Snacks on the bus and a cold one or two.  Bathroom on the bus!   Scheduled to arrive by 7:30pm.